La Baule International Bridge Festival

La Baule International Bridge Festival

From Friday 16 August - 16:00 to Sunday 25 August 2019 - 16:00

The 69th edition will be hosted at Atlantia, the Convention Centre of La Baule. 

10 days of competition and 1,000 participants. The spirit of competition and a lot of conviviality! 


Program of the festival

MIXED PAIRS: Friday, August 16th: 4pm | Saturday, August 17th: 4pm | Sunday, August 18th: 2:30pm

Ladies pairs are welcome

TEAM EVENT: Monday, August 19th: 2:30pm | Tuesday, August 20th: 2:30pm

BOARD A MATCH: Wednesday,August 21st: 2:30pm

OPEN PAIR: Thursday, August 22nd: 4pm | Friday, August 23th: 4pm | Saturday, August 24th: 4pm | Sunday, August 25th: 2:30pm


Entry fees

Mixed pair 3 sessions: 75 € each player

Team event 3 sessions: 240 € per team (maxi 6 players)

Board a match 1 session: 100 € per team (4 players)

Open pair 4 sessions: 100 € each player

Juniors: half fees

Mixed: ladies pairs are welcome

Fixed rate of 230 € for all 11 sessions of whole festival, to be taken for mixed pairs.



Inscriptions and/or informations, by mail (give your n°FFB if you got one) : contact@festivalbridgelabaule.com

or by phone :
Claudine LANTA +33 671 204 557
Gabrielle TURCATO +33 664 817 362


Find out more about the event: www.festivalbridgelabaule.com