New connected beach: the #SmartBaie of La Baule!

News La Baule Events - the 16/10/2019
New connected beach: the #SmartBaie of La Baule!

Digitally into the sand, it is the new concept of Veolia for the bay of La Baule which was inaugurated on June 22nd.


The City of La Baule and Veolia have inaugurated the beach of La Baule in its new configuration: a beach 2.0 true to its history, its architecture and environmentally friendly. With 35 completely new establishments including 10 restaurants open all year, La Baule Events offers the organizers a new unusual reception area for a dinner in the sand up to 600 guests.

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Did you know ?

La Baule is the first beach in France where, as in festivals, it will be possible to pay in cashless, without money thanks to a bracelet that doesn't fear water. Connected lockers also allow you to leave your belongings safe. Finally, it is possible to have a meal delivered on your napkin through the Playak app.

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